Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

We are living in times when this roller coaster of an economy has put everybody on maximum alert on how they spend their money. This has made people look at all aspects of spending including the trip to the dentist. A wisdom tooth extraction cost has however always been something to worry about for anybody who has to get it done. A lot of people who are therefore about to head to the dentist for such an extraction would therefore like to know how much it costs before they go. Below are the factors that determine how much you are going to pay for a wisdom tooth extraction. The level of experience of the Dentist

We all know that we are living in a world where when you want something to be skillfully done then you will have to pay more. If you choose to go the best dentist in your whole state then you are definitely going to pay much more than what you would pay for the same thing at a dentist who has only had his practice license for one year. The wisdom tooth extraction cost will therefore depend on the level of experience and skill the dentist you choose has.

The physical location of the dentist

Location always influences the price of products or services. This also applies to dentistry procedures. If you are going to go to a dentist in the Hamptons then you better be prepared to pay much more than you would have in Compton. There have been cases of people driving to their next door state just because the dentists over there are cheaper than their local ones.

The dental insurance type that you hold

Unfortunately today being without insurance tends to be a spot you do not ever want to find yourself in. Even so, there are different types of dental insurance that you can get and each of them will greatly determine the wisdom tooth extraction cost. For example there is an indemnity plan, a closed panel plan and a preferred provider organization plan. With the indemnity dental plan, you have to pay a flat fee for any visit you make to the dentist. You however have a limit to the annual coverage you can spend. The good thing about this plan though is that you get to choose whichever dentist you want to see. The preferred provider organization plan however limits you to a specific group of dentists but they offer all their services at greatly subsidized prices.

The extent of the procedure

Not all wisdom tooth extractions are of the exact same procedure. Some of them will be more complicated than others and thus this will change the cost of the extraction. The more complicated the procedure the more costly it is definitely going to be. A wisdom tooth extraction cost can begin anywhere from $140 to as much as $500. When the complications come into the equation then you have to know that this cost will not include any costs that go into sedation, any extra x-rays or oral surgeries.